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The Characteristics of Pregnant People with Menstrual Signs, Almost Similar But Not the Same

During early pregnancy, many women do not realize that they are pregnant. Because not infrequently, the characteristics of pregnant people who appear to have similarities with symptoms when a woman will enter menstruation or symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Stopping menstruation can be an early sign of pregnancy. But there are other characteristics of a pregnant person that you can also make an indication that you might be pregnant. How to Distinguish the Characteristics of Pregnant People with PMS Symptoms Although the characteristics of a pregnant person are sometimes almost similar to the signs before menstruation, but there are differences that arise and can be felt. The following are: Breast pain During PMS, breast pain can occur, which is caused by an increase in the hormone progesterone in the body. Complaints of breast pain is also one of the characteristics of a pregnant person. However, during PMS, the pain that appears will disappear after menstruation lasts
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Vape Smoking Still Has Risk of Health Disorders

Vape is a designation for vaporizer, which is e-cigarrete or e-cigarrete. The vape converts the heated liquid to steam. Steam is what is inhaled as a substitute for cigarettes. Many people replace cigarettes with vape because it is considered healthier than ordinary cigarettes. However, this is not entirely true. The liquid used in vape contains glycerin or propylene glycol as the main substance. The liquid also contains nicotine, a substance commonly found in cigarettes. In addition, the liquid for vape contains flavoring agents and other additives. Vapors can be sold including liquid contents, or purchased separately. Is Vape Safer Than Cigarette? Vape does not contain many harmful substances in cigarettes, such as tar and carbon monoxide. However, there are various chemicals that also have the risk of disrupting health in the vape content. Based on studies, researchers found there was a decrease in the content of toxins and cancer-causing substances (carcinogens) after the us

Benefits and Options of Delicious Low Carbohydrate Recipes

Various benefits can be obtained from a diet or low-carb diet. No need to worry that the food you consume will be limited and boring. There are some low-carb recipes that are delicious as daily consumption choices. Low carbohydrate diets are done by limiting the consumption of carbohydrates in your daily diet. For example, by reducing sweet foods, rice, pasta, cereals, or bread. Instead, you can eat foods high in protein or fat, and vegetables that are healthy for the body so that your daily nutritional needs are met. Benefits of a Low Carbohydrate Diet Eating low-carb foods has a number of benefits, including helping you lose weight, reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. More specifically, low-carb foods are suitable for you who want to change your eating habits and want to limit your consumption of sugar or carbohydrates. However, you must keep a close watch on your daily carbohydrate intake. Do not let your daily carbohydrate intake below 20

Utilizing Antibiotics for Leucorrhea appropriately

Antibiotics for leucorrhoea should be done carefully and according to the cause. Because antibiotics are used only to treat diseases caused by bacterial infections. The discharge from the vagina, which is often called vaginal discharge, is actually a natural reaction on a woman's body to cleanse and protect the vagina. Normal vaginal fluid does not smell, is not accompanied by other complaints such as itching or pain, with a clear color to white like milk. The changes are influenced by the menstrual cycle, ovulation, libido and breastfeeding. When Are Antibiotics Used for Leucorrhoea? Leucorrhoea classified as abnormal when experiencing discoloration, such as leucorrhoea is yellow, green, brown or accompanied by blood. Generally abnormal vaginal discharge also causes an unpleasant odor, itching, and pain. Various causes of vaginal discharge that are not normal, ranging from the use of contraceptives, reactions to vaginal cleansing soap, to infections caused by fungi or bacter

The Importance of the Function of the Hypothalamus and the Hormones Produced

The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that secretes chemicals in the form of hormones that the body needs to help control organs and cells. The main function of the hypothalamus is homeostasis, which is to ensure and maintain all body systems running stably. The hypothalamus produces hormones that control the production of hormones in the pituitary gland. The hormones produced have important benefits and maintain various aspects of human health. If the hypothalamus function is disrupted, then the overall hormonal balance in the body will be affected. Various Functions of the Hypothalamus Although small in size, but the function of the hypothalamus is very important in controlling bodily functions, such as controlling body temperature, hunger, and thirst. The function of the hypothalamus also plays a role in many processes in the body, including conscious or unconscious behavior, as well as endocrine functions, such as metabolic processes and growth and development. The funct